How it looks first underwater drone

Exploring Wreck is one of the most popular and interesting parts of diving.
But it’s dangerous, and you need training, and a commitment to serious hobby.
Small commercial drones mild opened horizons for aerial photography, but until recently there was no equivalent commercially viable for underwater exploration.

So, young engineers, Eric Stackpole and David Lang, recently launched a startup called OpenROV, building the underwater drones in the hope that these devices will become as popular as the air.

Of course, this kind of drone, called Trident will not beat speed records drone, but through about 4.6 miles per hour underwater, with a battery life of two hours.

“It’s easy to hook up to a standard gaming controller, as well, and of can operate as deep as 328 feet down, which is twice the depth of can most scuba divers to get down.”

Underwater drone will not be very cheap, starting price of $ 1.499, the deliveries being made starting this fall.