Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8 stock camera

Despite there being lots of camera programs for the iPhone, the stock camera is the most-widely-used. IPhone’s clear as the stock camera program is quicker than most other programs with distended attributes.

However, the stock camera resembles a stripped down variant of an excellent camera program. It lacks several small characteristics that may allow it to be an astonishing camera to work with. Thats where something such as a Cydia tweak comes in.

Camera Tweak 2 is a great Cydia tweak that adds strong attributes to the stock Camera program on iOS 8. It was rather strong in its preceding variant also. The brand new upgrade brings some bug fixes. You can find a lot of advantages to applying this tweak as opposed to choosing another camera program.

The best way to Add Great Attributes to iOS 8 Inventory Camera
With Camera Tweak 2, it is possible to have two places for focus lock and investigate lock. The stock camera computes exposure and focus depending on where you press and hold so its only one area determining the exposure. But with Camera Tweak 2, it is possible to focus the lens on an place but decide exposure settings from another element of the picture. This is useful if you are shooting photos in low light.

camera tweak 2png

Choose a Resolution of Your Selection
The tweak additionally allows you to select what resolution you would like the image to be in. Thats for the picture.

Click an image In Video
Besides that, you can create your camera click pictures when its record a video. This is something Samsung boasted around in among their Note phablets and something thats mostly missing from many other camera programs also.

Camera Tweak 2 additionally has a White Balance lock (for both videos and pictures).

Two Timers
You will find just two types of timers in the tweak you can use. The first one is the conventional timer that clicks a graphic following a specific time lapse. This is helpful when you would like to get selfies.

The lapse timer setting can make the camera click a image mechanically at regular times. I dont understand just where that is useful but sounds just like a fancy attribute.

Camera Tweak 2 is a must have tweak for iPhone users.

The tweak is upward on BigBoss repo and also you can buy it for $1.49. Practice the measures to authenticate a payment (from PayPal or another means) and then the tweak can get installed. It’s possible for you to head over to Settings ? Camera Tweak to shift the settings.

iOS Jailbreaking – the only Procedure Allowing Cydia Apps

A user may decide on jailbreaking the operating systems of iPhone or iPod only after having carefully analyzed the consequences and taken responsibility for these actions. At the end of the jailbreaking process, the user has complete access to their Apple device. Moreover, the user and can customize it according to own desires and needs.


Research and trials have shown that the only way to have Cydia on an Apple device is to jailbreak iOS. Promises that Cydia can be installed without iOS jailbreaking are misleading and beyond reality. Developers are constantly working on creating and updating the versions of the jailbreak tool. Thus the jailbreaking procedure keeps the pace with the latest versions of iOS 9. As regards the advantages of jailbreaking your iOS lets just mention Cydia repositories, which give the user the possibility to choose among free of charge apps, games and tweaks. However, you must pay attention to the Cydia repositories you select since not all of them are trustworthy. My advice is to be well-informed on all Cydia repositories and access the repos that do not jeopardize the good operation of your iDevice. This may save time and money and also contribute to your positive experience with the use of jailbreak.

There are many methods to jailbreak your iPhone. In this article I will focus on a safe way to download and install Cydia for free.

How to jailbreak the iDevice

You can visit the iJailbreak Shop to have your iDevice jailbroken and gain full access to the root which enables the installation of Cydia.

Install and configure Cydia

After the jailbreaking condition has been complied with, install the file system of Cydia and configure the display interface (User interface preferred). The entire process is carried out automatically, except for the moment when you must select the option Complete Upgrade. This ensures a free of error operation. At the end of the installation process, you must restart Cydia.

Install Cydia repositories

Upon completion of Cydia installation process, you can access the Cydia repositories and add the ones you consider useful for the easy and efficient management of your iDevice.

In conclusion, in addition to what Apple provides for, you can add diversity and useful options by jailbreaking your iDevice and gaining access to Cydia.

Run terminal commands with Activator gestures

We all know the famous tweak Activator and because of its features one of the main reasons that we all have jailbroken iPhones or iPads. As a rewind for newcomers this tweak will let you launch, activate or toggle apps, tweaks or functions of your device. From my point one of the most practical tweaks ever made for a device. But now with the help of a new tweak Activator gets an enhancement. An enhancement that is targeted to experienced users. The name of the tweak is Activate Command and will let you run shell command using a gesture from Activator. The setup is pretty simple right after the installation you can create and test your custom commands. You can do this by navigating to Settings section the Activate Command, there you will have the possibility to create up to nine activate commands. Then after defining a command got to Activator settings and set the trigger for that specific command.

activate command

Developers have included some examples in the tweak so you can see right away a command in action. If you are an advanced user you will surely love this tweak because of its practicality and its usefulness.

If this caught your interest head to cydia and you can get this from the BigBoss repo for free.