Facebook Messenger allows the use of multiple accounts

Facebook Messenger is finally use multiple accounts in the app for iPhone or iPad, those from Facebook implementing this system in Android many months ago, he is finally available on iOS platform with functionality identical to the one offered in platform Google.

Basically, starting day Facebook Messenger users can use multiple Facebook accounts to conversations with any people active in the social network, adding accounts can be made extremely simple setup menu of the application messaging.
In the picture below you can see how easy it can add accounts Facebook in app Facebook Messenger for conversations, switching from one to the other is done very quickly, simply by selecting them from the interface through which they can be added, the entire option is very intuitive.

Many people use this system in the Android platform, and for Instagram exist as long a similar system that allows the use of multiple accounts, so just talk about extending normal availability of this system to other products that the company Facebook they maintain.

How it looks first underwater drone

Exploring Wreck is one of the most popular and interesting parts of diving.
But it’s dangerous, and you need training, and a commitment to serious hobby.
Small commercial drones mild opened horizons for aerial photography, but until recently there was no equivalent commercially viable for underwater exploration.

So, young engineers, Eric Stackpole and David Lang, recently launched a startup called OpenROV, building the underwater drones in the hope that these devices will become as popular as the air.

Of course, this kind of drone, called Trident will not beat speed records drone, but through about 4.6 miles per hour underwater, with a battery life of two hours.

“It’s easy to hook up to a standard gaming controller, as well, and of can operate as deep as 328 feet down, which is twice the depth of can most scuba divers to get down.”

Underwater drone will not be very cheap, starting price of $ 1.499, the deliveries being made starting this fall.


Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8 stock camera

Despite there being lots of camera programs for the iPhone, the stock camera is the most-widely-used. IPhone’s clear as the stock camera program is quicker than most other programs with distended attributes.

However, the stock camera resembles a stripped down variant of an excellent camera program. It lacks several small characteristics that may allow it to be an astonishing camera to work with. Thats where something such as a Cydia tweak comes in.

Camera Tweak 2 is a great Cydia tweak that adds strong attributes to the stock Camera program on iOS 8. It was rather strong in its preceding variant also. The brand new upgrade brings some bug fixes. You can find a lot of advantages to applying this tweak as opposed to choosing another camera program.

The best way to Add Great Attributes to iOS 8 Inventory Camera
With Camera Tweak 2, it is possible to have two places for focus lock and investigate lock. The stock camera computes exposure and focus depending on where you press and hold so its only one area determining the exposure. But with Camera Tweak 2, it is possible to focus the lens on an place but decide exposure settings from another element of the picture. This is useful if you are shooting photos in low light.

camera tweak 2png

Choose a Resolution of Your Selection
The tweak additionally allows you to select what resolution you would like the image to be in. Thats for the picture.

Click an image In Video
Besides that, you can create your camera click pictures when its record a video. This is something Samsung boasted around in among their Note phablets and something thats mostly missing from many other camera programs also.

Camera Tweak 2 additionally has a White Balance lock (for both videos and pictures).

Two Timers
You will find just two types of timers in the tweak you can use. The first one is the conventional timer that clicks a graphic following a specific time lapse. This is helpful when you would like to get selfies.

The lapse timer setting can make the camera click a image mechanically at regular times. I dont understand just where that is useful but sounds just like a fancy attribute.

Camera Tweak 2 is a must have tweak for iPhone users.

The tweak is upward on BigBoss repo and also you can buy it for $1.49. Practice the measures to authenticate a payment (from PayPal or another means) and then the tweak can get installed. It’s possible for you to head over to Settings ? Camera Tweak to shift the settings.

Latest A9 iBoot Exploit is the Jailbreak Solution for iOS 9

iPhone 6S & iPad Mini and they are now Jailbreak-able forever


If you are a owner of iPhone 6s, first generation iPad mini or a generation 5 iPod Touch, you have luck. We have good news for you.

iOS hacker iH8sn0w has found recently iOS 9 untethered jailbreak exploit which allow total jailbroken untethered forever of all A9(X) devices he possess.

Indifferently what Apple brings in the future, the new jailbreak of iOS 9 users will be able to work with Cydia and with all fine tweaks and apps that this program has to offer. Similar to A8 jailbreak for iPhone6 in the past, now A9 devices will be capable to load regardless of which operating system is in use.

Cydia Download
Jailbreak iPhone

Screens of Death affect our jailbroken iPhone 6s causing crashes at least three times a day. But maybe with iH8sn0w help crashes will be fix even for the new 9.1 iOS because we don’t need to be stuck by new update of the OS, we just need to enjoy our iOS 9 unlimited jailbreak. And with the new cydia sources 2014 available out there, users are more safe and can download lots of jailbreaked apps among with the cydia tweaks(TOP 10).

iH8sn0w hacker release will be a great service for  iOS 9 jailbreak. And are many chances to be a good exploit for A9 devices users, which allow users to easy handle it without unwanted upgrading and then downgrading of the jailbrake processes.

A release date was not indicated, but everybody wait impatient for an iOS iBoot exploit download. iOS 7 untethered jailbreak is already in use but peoples hope that they will not lose it when iOS 7.1 update will come. Apple’s seventh iOS update include great number of new tweaks, and now will be a bad time to force out your jailbreak. Let’s hope the luck will be with us this time.