Google and Samsung partnership for a new good Android

A brave good news talking about the Google and Samsung deal. This partnership is for 10 year and is just a part of good intention and changes. In according with an report of Re-Code this companies work together for a new-brilliant Samsung version of Android who implemented Google vision. A new skin is want to be functionally and is called Magazin UX and talks appear is started from CES and reveal of Galaxy Tab Pro and Note Pro Lines. The interface is almost similar to  the TouchWiz, but a Android in person. Panel-based home screen is much more like an Windows 8 than Mountain view s mobile OS. And some sourced say about a radical changes than back version of Magazin UX. Google is joined with the Android experience and for Samsung is very useful in her chance to maintaining three different Android-based tablet skin. google and samsung

Google run for the minimize all things from Android UI and make this to be kind with companies. So Magazine UX is a genial ideas and is not a surprise. The deal involved Samsung in-house apps. Year after year the South-Korean company promote himself Google Play Services. Just some exemples : WhatchOn, ChatOn and mSpot-enhanced Media Hub. Samsung has sincerely agreed to instead Google apps (Play store, Newsstand, Hangouts). This attitude offer a new and additional power for Android universe and is probably the Samsung market to get rich then in Mountain View services.

It’s unclear what was the concessions of Samsung for this great deal with Google. Could be Sundar Pichar threatened to acces on the Play Stone (Galaxy Line didn t). May be this is doubtful opinion. Or may be the company make a promision : next Nexus device or a seat of brainstorming session for Lemon Meringue Pie.