Run terminal commands with Activator gestures

We all know the famous tweak Activator and because of its features one of the main reasons that we all have jailbroken iPhones or iPads. As a rewind for newcomers this tweak will let you launch, activate or toggle apps, tweaks or functions of your device. From my point one of the most practical tweaks ever made for a device. But now with the help of a new tweak Activator gets an enhancement. An enhancement that is targeted to experienced users. The name of the tweak is Activate Command and will let you run shell command using a gesture from Activator. The setup is pretty simple right after the installation you can create and test your custom commands. You can do this by navigating to Settings section the Activate Command, there you will have the possibility to create up to nine activate commands. Then after defining a command got to Activator settings and set the trigger for that specific command.

activate command

Developers have included some examples in the tweak so you can see right away a command in action. If you are an advanced user you will surely love this tweak because of its practicality and its usefulness.

If this caught your interest head to cydia and you can get this from the BigBoss repo for free.

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