Most Used 5 Cydia Tweaks during 2015

Yes, we all love jailbreaking, as it gives us the opportunity to customize our iDevices as we want to. Tweaks are the ones helping you do that, without them, you would not be able to use your iDevice to its maximum capacity and potential.

Every experienced jailbreaker, has his fav tweaks, but we have analyzed the trends in this domain and came up with the top 5 most useful Cydia tweaks 2015. Read on, this might prove very useful for everybody interested in jailbreaking go to the download cydia page, you might have not known a certain tweak before. But most definitely you will find them all very helpful for the future.

Springtomize 2 and Intelliscreen X are the kings of the castle in the world of tweaks

On the one hand, Springtomize 2 is a great deal for only $2.99. If you love customizing your mobile’s appearance, this is the best option for you. Using it would give you the freedom to customize a wide range of options: from basic elements as your text color, to more advanced one as setting custom strings. On the other hand, Intelliscreen X is the way to go if you want to enhance your notification center. What can it do? All sorts of things, such as: check out RASS feeds, tweet, look through both your Facebook and Twitter timeline, check out and also delete emails, as well as compose different texts. It is somewhat more expensive than Springtomize 2, but it is worth every penny of its price of $10.00.

First runner-up is Auxo

Auxo is the best if you are looking to change your application switcher. It brings a lot to the table, as it has a wide range of features ready for you to use; and it is also so very cheap, at $1.99. We totally recommend this tweak!

Second runner-up – Barrel

This awesome tweak is only $2.99 and is so entertaining to use. It can add really funny and captivating animation to the way you browse through your applications.

Third runner-up is Dashboard X

This tweak costs just $1.99 and it is totally worth this tiny sum of money. It enables you to have a clean look with various features, such as widgets on your springboard. Not to mention that it goes hand in hand with Iconoclasm; using these 2 tweaks will do wonders for your iDevice!

Last, but not least on our top 5 tweaks: Iconoclasm

Paying $3.00 for this tweak s not so much, as it gives you the possibility to re-arrange icons on your springboard. Soon after purchasing it, you will discover that it has so many cool features. It allows you to change the letters and even the shapes of your icons.

How about your top 5 Cydia tweaks for last year? We would love to hear about that!

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