Facebook Messenger update has been released for iPhone and iPad

Facebook Messenger app company launched by Facebook in App Store to force us to use for talks with friends active in the social network, has been updated during the evening.


Official say the people at Facebook update only solve operational problems, but the same was sent and the last update, and later to announce that Facebook has implemented a soccer game for users worldwide.

We Regularly update the app so we CAN make it better for you. Get the latest version for all of the available features and Improvements. Thanks for Using Messenger!

Facebook Messenger is available for free download in the App Store universal format.

Facebook Messenger allows the use of multiple accounts

Facebook Messenger is finally use multiple accounts in the app for iPhone or iPad, those from Facebook implementing this system in Android many months ago, he is finally available on iOS platform with functionality identical to the one offered in platform Google.

Basically, starting day Facebook Messenger users can use multiple Facebook accounts to conversations with any people active in the social network, adding accounts can be made extremely simple setup menu of the application messaging.
In the picture below you can see how easy it can add accounts Facebook in app Facebook Messenger for conversations, switching from one to the other is done very quickly, simply by selecting them from the interface through which they can be added, the entire option is very intuitive.

Many people use this system in the Android platform, and for Instagram exist as long a similar system that allows the use of multiple accounts, so just talk about extending normal availability of this system to other products that the company Facebook they maintain.

How it looks first underwater drone

Exploring Wreck is one of the most popular and interesting parts of diving.
But it’s dangerous, and you need training, and a commitment to serious hobby.
Small commercial drones mild opened horizons for aerial photography, but until recently there was no equivalent commercially viable for underwater exploration.

So, young engineers, Eric Stackpole and David Lang, recently launched a startup called OpenROV, building the underwater drones in the hope that these devices will become as popular as the air.

Of course, this kind of drone, called Trident will not beat speed records drone, but through about 4.6 miles per hour underwater, with a battery life of two hours.

“It’s easy to hook up to a standard gaming controller, as well, and of can operate as deep as 328 feet down, which is twice the depth of can most scuba divers to get down.”

Underwater drone will not be very cheap, starting price of $ 1.499, the deliveries being made starting this fall.


BioLockDown Cydia Tweak iOS 9

When Ryan comes out using a tweak, its generally good-thought, scrupulous and has all the hallmark of a fantastic attribute.

BioLockDown limits access to programs, Control Center switches and portions of the Settings program. It’s possible for you to get these by authenticating your fingerprint using the TouchID attribute on iPhone 5s. While BioLockDown really isn’t the initial tweak to get this done, its most definitely the most economical and also the greatest TouchID-established security tweak up to now.

At first, BioLockDown seems to do as much as BioProtect, the tweak we wrote about a few days back. The latter (developed by Limneos) shields programs from being obtained without security authentication.

BioLockDown is as easy as it could get. The same thing’s simple to setup and configure because actually, there’s no set up included. Once installed, it is possible to enable it from Settings ? BioLockDown ? Under Constraints, it is possible to add a fresh constraint.

BioLockDown Cydia Tweak

Constraints are of three kinds: Switches, Programs and Settings panes.

These aren’t only the stock iOS 7 toggles but those who get added when you make use of a tweak like FlipControlCenter. It is possible to limit these from being obtained or toggled unless a fingerprint authentication is given.

Programs are of course most of the programs you’ve installed.

It’s possible for you to lock down BioLockDown also using itself. But obviously, thats all too common today. The tweak works on iPhone 5s just.

Settings panes would be the choices underneath the Settings tab. Empowering these can prohibit them from being opened or changed without the TouchID authentication.

BioLockDown is on the BigBoss repo for $1.99.

Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8 stock camera

Despite there being lots of camera programs for the iPhone, the stock camera is the most-widely-used. IPhone’s clear as the stock camera program is quicker than most other programs with distended attributes.

However, the stock camera resembles a stripped down variant of an excellent camera program. It lacks several small characteristics that may allow it to be an astonishing camera to work with. Thats where something such as a Cydia tweak comes in.

Camera Tweak 2 is a great Cydia tweak that adds strong attributes to the stock Camera program on iOS 8. It was rather strong in its preceding variant also. The brand new upgrade brings some bug fixes. You can find a lot of advantages to applying this tweak as opposed to choosing another camera program.

The best way to Add Great Attributes to iOS 8 Inventory Camera
With Camera Tweak 2, it is possible to have two places for focus lock and investigate lock. The stock camera computes exposure and focus depending on where you press and hold so its only one area determining the exposure. But with Camera Tweak 2, it is possible to focus the lens on an place but decide exposure settings from another element of the picture. This is useful if you are shooting photos in low light.

camera tweak 2png

Choose a Resolution of Your Selection
The tweak additionally allows you to select what resolution you would like the image to be in. Thats for the picture.

Click an image In Video
Besides that, you can create your camera click pictures when its record a video. This is something Samsung boasted around in among their Note phablets and something thats mostly missing from many other camera programs also.

Camera Tweak 2 additionally has a White Balance lock (for both videos and pictures).

Two Timers
You will find just two types of timers in the tweak you can use. The first one is the conventional timer that clicks a graphic following a specific time lapse. This is helpful when you would like to get selfies.

The lapse timer setting can make the camera click a image mechanically at regular times. I dont understand just where that is useful but sounds just like a fancy attribute.

Camera Tweak 2 is a must have tweak for iPhone users.

The tweak is upward on BigBoss repo and also you can buy it for $1.49. Practice the measures to authenticate a payment (from PayPal or another means) and then the tweak can get installed. It’s possible for you to head over to Settings ? Camera Tweak to shift the settings.

Most Used 5 Cydia Tweaks during 2015

Yes, we all love jailbreaking, as it gives us the opportunity to customize our iDevices as we want to. Tweaks are the ones helping you do that, without them, you would not be able to use your iDevice to its maximum capacity and potential.

Every experienced jailbreaker, has his fav tweaks, but we have analyzed the trends in this domain and came up with the top 5 most useful Cydia tweaks 2015. Read on, this might prove very useful for everybody interested in jailbreaking go to the download cydia page, you might have not known a certain tweak before. But most definitely you will find them all very helpful for the future.

Springtomize 2 and Intelliscreen X are the kings of the castle in the world of tweaks

On the one hand, Springtomize 2 is a great deal for only $2.99. If you love customizing your mobile’s appearance, this is the best option for you. Using it would give you the freedom to customize a wide range of options: from basic elements as your text color, to more advanced one as setting custom strings. On the other hand, Intelliscreen X is the way to go if you want to enhance your notification center. What can it do? All sorts of things, such as: check out RASS feeds, tweet, look through both your Facebook and Twitter timeline, check out and also delete emails, as well as compose different texts. It is somewhat more expensive than Springtomize 2, but it is worth every penny of its price of $10.00.

First runner-up is Auxo

Auxo is the best if you are looking to change your application switcher. It brings a lot to the table, as it has a wide range of features ready for you to use; and it is also so very cheap, at $1.99. We totally recommend this tweak!

Second runner-up – Barrel

This awesome tweak is only $2.99 and is so entertaining to use. It can add really funny and captivating animation to the way you browse through your applications.

Third runner-up is Dashboard X

This tweak costs just $1.99 and it is totally worth this tiny sum of money. It enables you to have a clean look with various features, such as widgets on your springboard. Not to mention that it goes hand in hand with Iconoclasm; using these 2 tweaks will do wonders for your iDevice!

Last, but not least on our top 5 tweaks: Iconoclasm

Paying $3.00 for this tweak s not so much, as it gives you the possibility to re-arrange icons on your springboard. Soon after purchasing it, you will discover that it has so many cool features. It allows you to change the letters and even the shapes of your icons.

How about your top 5 Cydia tweaks for last year? We would love to hear about that!

Customize your iOS 8.2 Status Bar with these Cydia Tweaks

The Status bar lets you know the time, it lets you know just how much battery is left and additionally, it signifies connectivity. But it could be more than this.

Zeppelin places custom icons as opposed to the default option carrier name gauge in the status bar. The tweak boats having a number of popular icons and you’ll be able to add your own.

Cost: Free | Repo: ModMyi

NowPlayingStatusBar was made to put that small play icon back in the status bar when music is playing in your iPhone. Incidentally, it is possible to change the alignment of the icon using the tweaks settings.

Cost: Free | Repo: BigBoss

StatusBarSuite is among the very most useful tweaks for minimalists. If you believe the status bar gets littered with too much of advice, the sole way out is concealing minimalists.

Cost: Free | Repo: BigBoss

Do you want to get some real time weather information exhibited right in the status bar (near the time)? StatusWeather is a straightforward tweak that sets weather advice (based on Present Place) to the status bar. It’s possible for you to double tap in the status bar to activate a straightforward information dialog that presents weather advice with temperature and humidity. That box also has a button to start the weather program.

Cost: Free | Repo: BigBoss

StatusTime is a statusbar time format modifier. You’ve got all these formats you can select to create the status bar time screen seconds, days, months, year as well as custom text. Theres a formatting guide which will be convenient when you change the format within StatusTime s settings.

Cost: Free | Repo: BigBoss

Someone noted that every theme has about 400 pictures: the tweak itself is fairly modest but its exquisitely crafted.

Cost: Free | Repo: ModMyi

StatusHUD 2
StatusHUD was an extremely popular (and quite useful) status bar tweak that incorporated the Volume HUD to the status bar. It goes quite a distance when it comes to simplifying the user interface by using the volume buttons. The volume up/down is signified with a circle/square (that you can configure) right in the status bar.

Cost: Free | Repo: BigBoss

iOS allows you to switch off the battery percent number in the status bar but when the battery reaches reddish, you must know the percent. When the battery reaches 20%, the number indicator switches on.

Cost: Free | Repo: BigBoss

StatusModifier has a lot of toggles also that may hide/reveal the battery icon, the time, carrier symbol etc.

Cost: Free | Repo: BigBoss

MyStatusBar is an approaching tweak that intends to add plenty of customization features to the status bar components. Think of this as a mixture of most of the tweaks mentioned previously. The tweak is quite packed using a lot of attributes to use.

Cost: $1.49 | Repo: ModMyi

iOS Jailbreaking – the only Procedure Allowing Cydia Apps

A user may decide on jailbreaking the operating systems of iPhone or iPod only after having carefully analyzed the consequences and taken responsibility for these actions. At the end of the jailbreaking process, the user has complete access to their Apple device. Moreover, the user and can customize it according to own desires and needs.


Research and trials have shown that the only way to have Cydia on an Apple device is to jailbreak iOS. Promises that Cydia can be installed without iOS jailbreaking are misleading and beyond reality. Developers are constantly working on creating and updating the versions of the jailbreak tool. Thus the jailbreaking procedure keeps the pace with the latest versions of iOS 9. As regards the advantages of jailbreaking your iOS lets just mention Cydia repositories, which give the user the possibility to choose among free of charge apps, games and tweaks. However, you must pay attention to the Cydia repositories you select since not all of them are trustworthy. My advice is to be well-informed on all Cydia repositories and access the repos that do not jeopardize the good operation of your iDevice. This may save time and money and also contribute to your positive experience with the use of jailbreak.

There are many methods to jailbreak your iPhone. In this article I will focus on a safe way to download and install Cydia for free.

How to jailbreak the iDevice

You can visit the iJailbreak Shop to have your iDevice jailbroken and gain full access to the root which enables the installation of Cydia.

Install and configure Cydia

After the jailbreaking condition has been complied with, install the file system of Cydia and configure the display interface (User interface preferred). The entire process is carried out automatically, except for the moment when you must select the option Complete Upgrade. This ensures a free of error operation. At the end of the installation process, you must restart Cydia.

Install Cydia repositories

Upon completion of Cydia installation process, you can access the Cydia repositories and add the ones you consider useful for the easy and efficient management of your iDevice.

In conclusion, in addition to what Apple provides for, you can add diversity and useful options by jailbreaking your iDevice and gaining access to Cydia.

Fresh top 10 Cydia Sources

Are you looking for the best apps to customize your iGadget in ways that your App Store does’t offer you? Following our Top 10 Best Cydia Apps of All Time, Top 10 Free Cydia Apps for iOS 9.1 and Top 10 Best Cydia Apps for iPad , we worked out something new. The time to review our sources has come and after hard, but satisfying work here it is: The top 10 Cydia Sources delivered to you. We put out the best we had, tried everything new, read it all and compared it and we put together the best sources that deserve to share the top 10.


1.xSellize. For the retro ones who thrive for games such as Nintendo, SEGA, Game boy, xSellize offers you a great deal of ROM packs that can be played on your iGadget. Furthermore, there are also many Cydia tweaks and a lot of interesting apps, all to our delight

2.Sinful iPhone. The one repo for the users who love to customize their iOS. Here you can find all sorts of cracked apps, tweaks, themes, ringtones, wallpapers and  wait for it, it’s all for free.

3.Insanelyi. This is a repo that all Cydia lovers should visit. The insanely source offers more than 7,000 packages for jaibroken iPhone users ready to customize their gadgets with the coolest apps, tweaks,wallpapaer, ringtones and many more.

4.ModMyi. Another famous Cydia souce among the jailbreak users, offers them everything they could ever imagine: wallpapers, ringtones, apps, tweaks. Your iPhone has’t been so cool before

5.Hackulous. Probably one of the best Cydia repos ever.You might wonder why is that. Well, is one of the veteran source and besides that it brings us Installous, an amazing app that allows users to install for free cracked apps. Even though Installous is no longer available, you might enjoy the many other swell apps, tweaks, themes the source offers.

6.HackYouriPhone. With no further explanation, the source reveals it’s purpose from the very beginning. Besides the hugely amount of themes, wallpapers, ringtones, apps and tweak the users can download, they are frequently updated

7.iPhone Cake. The birthday cake for all the game lovers. Ingredients: unlimited games for iPhone,iPad or iPod touch users sprinkled on top with free download.

8. Big Boss . Now this is a source! Not a newbie in this kind of tops, Big Boss in the boss of all repos. It offers thousands of apps, tweaks and mods to its users. Don’t get mad if your download fails for the first time, just reload. Due to the  enormous traffic, their server is overloaded sometimes.

9.BiteYourApple. All the way from the sunny Italy comes BiteYourApple, a must have source for the jailbroken iPhone users. It deliveres to the users tons of apps and tweaks. For instance one of them enables the user to full screen his Safari for better reading.

10. FilippoBiga . Even though this is a source that many might not consider top 10 worthy, we found it pretty cool. FlippoBiga offers lots of apps that allow you to customize your iPhone’s app icons, status bar, lockscreen, folders, carrier logo, battery status bar, docks.

The 10 nominees above are our ultimate favourites. If you feel like we missed someone, feel free to let us know. Also if you consider that our picks are not top 10 worthy, leave a comment in the comment box below.

Latest A9 iBoot Exploit is the Jailbreak Solution for iOS 9

iPhone 6S & iPad Mini and they are now Jailbreak-able forever


If you are a owner of iPhone 6s, first generation iPad mini or a generation 5 iPod Touch, you have luck. We have good news for you.

iOS hacker iH8sn0w has found recently iOS 9 untethered jailbreak exploit which allow total jailbroken untethered forever of all A9(X) devices he possess.

Indifferently what Apple brings in the future, the new jailbreak of iOS 9 users will be able to work with Cydia and with all fine tweaks and apps that this program has to offer. Similar to A8 jailbreak for iPhone6 in the past, now A9 devices will be capable to load regardless of which operating system is in use.

Cydia Download
Jailbreak iPhone

Screens of Death affect our jailbroken iPhone 6s causing crashes at least three times a day. But maybe with iH8sn0w help crashes will be fix even for the new 9.1 iOS because we don’t need to be stuck by new update of the OS, we just need to enjoy our iOS 9 unlimited jailbreak. And with the new cydia sources 2014 available out there, users are more safe and can download lots of jailbreaked apps among with the cydia tweaks(TOP 10).

iH8sn0w hacker release will be a great service for  iOS 9 jailbreak. And are many chances to be a good exploit for A9 devices users, which allow users to easy handle it without unwanted upgrading and then downgrading of the jailbrake processes.

A release date was not indicated, but everybody wait impatient for an iOS iBoot exploit download. iOS 7 untethered jailbreak is already in use but peoples hope that they will not lose it when iOS 7.1 update will come. Apple’s seventh iOS update include great number of new tweaks, and now will be a bad time to force out your jailbreak. Let’s hope the luck will be with us this time.